Working from the Coffee Shop

January 14th, 2016

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Being a blogger and running a small business consists of a lot of computer work, think a ton of emails & a lot of hunting for the next place to take photos or the next fashion trend. No matter where I go, I’m always working and searching for inspiration. Now that I’m blogging full time, I’ve made a mini schedule so I always know where I’ll be each week. Monday through Wednesday I spend the day working from home, responding to emails and sending out TCC mugs. On Thursday I spend from 9:00am – 11:00am in the office and then leave for the day to take outfit pictures with my wonderful photographer (aka mom). Finally on Friday I spend the day working from the coffee shop. 

I have a few favorite coffee shops close to my house but if I feel like leaving my town and getting out of my little bubble, I always go to Dom’s Coffee. This place is beyond perfect and the definition of instagram worthy. So on Friday’s I charge my laptop and head on over for a warm pastry and a huge cup of coffee. If you’re ever there & see me, make sure to say hi! I love meeting all of you. 

Anyways whether I’m working from home or at a warm and cozy coffee shop, I always try to dress professionally. I found that when I slack off and wear leggings, I some how end up working 100x slower. If you’re a working girl than you need to have a blazer in your wardrobe. I love this J.Crew blazer, between its tailored lines and its affordable price tag; this item is a working girl’s best friend.

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8 thoughts on “Working from the Coffee Shop

  1. Madison Mordoh

    I love this post! I am so glad your blogging career is taking off- I am obsessed with your blog!

    How did you increase your following base and realize you were able to make this your full time career? <3

    I am new to blogging, and I am absolutely OBSESSED with it! I know this is what I want to do, so I am trying to figure out the best way for me 🙂 Thank you!

    Maddy xo

    1. Aubrey Post author

      Hi Maddy!

      Email me! I would love to chat about blogging & my career.

      Checking out your blog right now :)!

      xx. Aubrey

    1. Aubrey Post author

      Hi Mary Kate!

      For me, it was kind of perfect timing. I was able to start my blog while in college & I just graduated this past December, so the timing was perfect for me to take my blog full time! If you want to chat more about blogging full time, I can write a blog post on it or email me :)!!

      P.S love your blog

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