Weathered Signs

February 29th, 2016

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east coast signI don’t want to jump the gun or anything, but I’ve already started boxing up my winter clothes. You can call me crazy, but it has been ridiculously warm in New England, so I’m rolling with the tide. I officially pulled out some of my warmer pieces over the weekend, including my favorite muscle tees.

The irony is too much, as many of you know I’ve dated Matt for well, forever. Back in high school I was going through an extremely preppy style (ehhh, kind of embracing) and Matt’s style revolved around muscle tees (horrifying). So we were complete opposites and Matt looked like he had just stepped out of the book, Outsiders.

Anyways fast forward seven years later & Matt is preppier than ever, he owns that Vineyard Vines fashion. Oh & I’m over here wearing boyfriend jeans and Madewell muscle tees, the irony is too much.

Anyways I collect Madewell tees, they are so comfy and you should stock up!

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So I’m kind of obsessed with home decor, it’s a serious problem. I still live with my parents so I can’t buy much, but they do allow me to decorate my warehouse/office. When I was told I could start decorating I was on a mission. I’ve always wanted to decorate a wall of my home with Weathered Signs.

If you guys haven’t heard of the company stop what you are doing & dedicate 20 minutes to checking out their entire site. From custom designed signs to signs with some serious attitude, I’m just kind of obsessed with the whole company.

I ordered a few custom signs and had them colored in traditional New England colors, white & blue, of course. It was tough deciding what signs represented the TCC brand, my style & of course New England. Home decor means a lot to me, as it truly inspires my  life & what I show you guys. Having home decor that is true to you can really put you in a good mood, or maybe I’m just crazy. xx A

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