Surf Car Sweater

April 10th, 2016

buggy sweater

Surf Car Sweater || Jacket || White Jeans || Purse || Wedges

On Sunday my Mom and I headed towards Niantic CT, to grab some seafood for dinner & shoot a few pictures. I was so excited to shoot this look for you guys because I’ve been dying to show you guys this surf car sweater (ahhh, how cute!). I think I have extra love for this sweater because it reminds me of California, so honestly how could I resist not adding it to my wardrobe. 

new england1
Aubrey Yandow Form
vineyard vines
vineyard vines jacket10
coastal style4

Snapping these photos were a serious challenge. I thought for a second that maybe I moved to Chicago because the wind was insane. Basically 90% of the photos are hilarious hair bloopers. 

By the time we were ready to head to dinner, my Mom and I had some seriously volumized wind hair. So if you want to see some of the hilarious bloopers head to snapchat (aubreyrose740) & enjoy (#lol). white jeans


I’m really excited for this week! I kind of love Mondays, they are filled with possibilities.

I love waking up and checking my email! The best part about running my own brand, is getting up every morning and not knowing what today could bring. It could be filled with emails from amazing brands, readers or collaborations. Or I could wake up to literally nothing (crickets), but it’s exciting not knowing.

This week I have a lot of fun things coming to the blog & the TCC store. I’m actually launching a new state mug (ahhhhh), so stay tuned for that! I’ll also be heading out of the country on Sunday, so I have a lot of packing on the to-do list.

Anyway, I hope you view your Monday’s with possibilities and not negativity, after all our perspective changes everything. buggy

new england style3

Happy Monday guys! I hope you are pumped for your week & all the TCC surprises coming your way. Oh and make sure to sign up for TCC weekly newsletters, I’ll be announcing the new mug design there first! 

Surf Car Sweater || Jacket || White Jeans || Purse || Wedges

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