Suede Shift Dress

August 5th, 2016


Dress (obsessed) || Tassel || Sandals || Mystic Mug

Hello & Happy Friday! I feel like Fridays are meant for relaxing/night on the town vibes. So I’m throwing on a dress, hitting my favorite town up (Mystic) & having a glass of riesling wine. Kathy Lee vibes all the way.

Fridays just have an exciting feel to them, do you know what I mean? You just wake up & already know, that no matter what, today is going to be a great day! I’m a big eater-outer & Matt HATES that about me. But hey, I don’t like to cook & food always tastes better when someone else makes it, yet my favorite part about eating out is the AMBIANCE.

cupcakes and cashmere
oyster club
friday vibes

Recently I’ve been really into home decor & setting up the perfect ambiance. I always felt like interior design would be overwhelming for me, so I always put it on the back burner. Now that Matt & I have an apartment & I get to add some Aubrey Ambiance, I’m discovering I LOVE INTERIOR DESIGN.

Like obsessed, I find myself looking at pillows online and getting over excited about rugs. Never in a million years, did I think I would get excited about buying a rug. So interior design is coming off the back burner and getting moved right to the front.

I love finding new passions & setting up ambiances. I’m going for a few different styles in our new apartment & I can’t wait to share more details with you all ASAP. tassel necklace

hope and stetson
jack rogers

Oh by the way if you are looking for straight up New England ambiance for dinner, head over to The Oyster Club, in Mystic. It’s my favorite, Matt thinks it’s a little too ‘posh posh’ but I love it. The inside is beautiful & oh did I mention they have oysters (AHHHHH).

Little notes of advice from me: 1) book a late night reservation, this place books up fast, sooooooo call ahead! 2) get to Mystic early & walk around the town, make sure to stop at Hope & Stetson to see #tccmugs (shameless plug). This whole outfit came from Hope & Stetson too, so if this suede shift dress screams you, than hit it up!

I hope you all have an epic weekend! & make sure to embrace that ambiance. xx A.


pearl tassel
weekend outfit

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