Running Holiday Errands

October 27th, 2016


Shirt || Vest || Jeans || TCC Pumpkin Mug

Okay guys, don’t hate me but I’ve already started my holiday shopping. The other day my mom & I were in West Hartford CT and stopped into Hope & Stetson to see the TCC Mugs and OOPS, I walked out with a few items for Christmas. 

I’m one of those people that likes to do their holiday shopping now, before it hit’s twenty degrees outside, hence making shopping in outside malls an experience to say the least. I also really love shopping, so when I go shopping and bump into the holiday crowds, it really stresses me out. Sooooo I try to do my holiday shopping now and save all the charming Christmas activities for the month of December and skip the mall. 


November & December are by far my favorite months, so I work as hard as possible to keep this time of the year stress free. My key to being stress free is just preparing ahead of time and making a list! I usually make a list of who I need to buy for, I’ll set a budget per person and hit the streets running. 

& don’t sweat the small stuff, embrace this time and enjoy it. This is by far the most magical time of the year, so don’t ruin it for yourself with stress. Instead check off that to-do list now and spend all December, seeing the Rockettes, eating hot cocoa, ice skating in a park, watching White Christmas & sporting holiday jumpers.

Oh & our team will be launching out Christmas TCC mug pretty soon, so keep your eyes open, we ordered ONLY seventy so first come first serve! Ahhh, I’m so excited to share the design with you all. xx Aubrey.



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