Old Wethersfield

February 16th, 2016

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Hi guys it’s me again, this time I’m chatting about New England and all of it’s charming amenities, from its historic homes in Old Wethersfield to the crazy weather we have had lately. If you are from New England than you understand the uncertainty of well…. just about everything that has to do with weather. 

I’ll break it down, Mark Twain said it best,

“If you don’t like the weather in New England now, just wait a few minutes.”

Literally he was spot on! Monday New Englanders bundled up with record lows and temperatures around -6 degrees, however yesterday just one day after Monday it was 50 degrees. I literally don’t understand, but I kind of love it. 

As you all know I went to college in San Diego so I lived in California for four years; during that time I got to wake up to warm weather and soft beach breezes everyday #spoiled. Honestly though, and I sound like a crazy-pants saying this, but it got boringgggg. 

Especially when fall rolled around. 

All my fellow New Englanders and even my friends from Washington where craving some fall weather and would actually wake up & say ‘can it just be 60 degrees today’…so that is life in California.

Reliable, warm and beautiful. It was kind of perfect (although this winter is rough for all Californians dealing with the El Nino). 

So being home and going from -6 degrees to 50 degrees is a wake up call, but it pushes my fashion. I have to be able to dress for North Pole weather one day and dress for a chilly day in San Diego the next day.

It’s the ups and downs that kind of make life exciting & it allows me to switch up my wardrobe. 

Anyways sorry for the longest rant about weather ever on a fashion blog, but I just had to say New Englanders tackle a challenge when picking items for their closet. 

Okay so let’s chat, this weekend Matt & I are taking a trip to Boston (my favorite weekend destination) and staying at the Sheraton Boston Hotel, so excited. If you guys have any suggestions for spots to visit around Newbury Street shoot me an email. 

I would love to explore some new shops/grab a great cup of coffee at a local cafe. Oh and if you want to tag along on this crazy adventure called life, follow me on snapchat (aubreyrose740)!  I’ll be covering the whole trip there. Chat soon xx A. 

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