Negative Nellies

April 27th, 2014

I can’t even.

Image The one thing that is truly endangering, is surrounding yourself with negative energy.

College ladies listen up!

These are the people who no matter what you do, or what they do… somehow there is always an issue (like are you kidding me).

Without a doubt I know a handful of these people & it’s time to cut them out, right now. Nobody has the time or the energy to deal with negative energy (especially between courses, jobs, papers, & teachers). Life is already a struggle; I do not have time for the negative energy producers (ew)!

So as I come to the end of my sophomore year (I can’t believe it);  it truly is time to cut out the negative nellies & cherish the freaking amazing people.

These are the people who support my Starbucks addiction


Supported my crazy decision to go to school in California, & those who support me in California <3


& finally everyone who has read and supported my blog! 

I am beyond excited for this summer & the revamp of The Coastal Confidence. With so many great things in the world; I don’t even understand how negative nellies survive. I once thought if you can’t beat them, than kill them with kindness.

But with only 3 weeks left of school…it’s time to cut the junk out & have a blast with the girls!

Stay Confident & Cut out that negative energy.