Need Coffee

March 25th, 2016

need coffee

Need Coffee Shirt || Oversized Tote || Chain Bracelet || Leggings || Shoes

Casual Fridays are kind of my thing. I’m all about the graphic tee, however they can get super pricey to be honest. I’m obsessed with Wildfox but $75+ for a tee shirt, just isn’t realistic for anyone young. 

So I’ve been on the hunt for cute graphic tees that are still witty but affordable…and the results are in! I actually found this shirt, and many other cute graphic tee shirts at Hope & Stetson. 

hot mess1
striped tote2


Also guys I’m finally back from Vegas! I had such a fun time & I’ll make sure to recap the whole vacation next week. However I did learn one thing over the vacation…red eyes just aren’t for me. Matt & I decided to take the red-eye from Vegas back to CT & the whole experience was exhausting. 

I thought it would be the world’s best thing and I was so wrong…I ended up getting in and falling asleep at like 10am & waking up around 2pm CT time. I sound super uptight and annoying when I say this…but I love getting after each day and really making the most of it. 

So naturally I thought red-eyes were going to be ‘my game’ but I was so wrong. Wasting Thursday trying to catch up on sleep put me way behind on emails & off my sleep schedule. Wasting the day napping was soooooo annoying, especially for my type A personality. 

oversized tote3
need coffee now

Anyways I’m home & I’m chugging coffee to stay awake. So basically this shirt is life right now. 

Anyone else a coffee addict like me. I switch between black coffees & large lattes, which makes it difficult to anyone who wants to surprise me with coffee. Sorry Matt. 

I also got Matt addicted to coffee sooooooooooooo my coffee addiction is spreading. 

I’m heading off to grab a large latte from my local coffee shop as a motivator to help me unpack. Ugh, Ew, Meh. 

But it’s casual Friday so life is good, the coffee is strong & so many good movies come out this weekend (

tory burch5
mystic ct6
need coffee tshirt
preppy style7
new england stlyle8

Need Coffee Shirt || Oversized Tote || Chain Bracelet || Leggings || Shoes


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