Reel Talk No. 02

March 28th, 2016

shoesHey Guys! After many requests to see more of Matt on la blog, I’ve listened.

We are finally sitting him down for another Matt Q&A (oh boy). This kid has a lot to say & a lot of great advice; so grab a TCC mug (wink), a cup of coffee & get ready for some Matt “life lessons” coming your way. 

Sooooo take it away Matt..

Q: How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle?

A: Working out and maintaing a healthy diet on weekdays. On weekends I rock the diet boat with a dinner out or a beer with the guys. 

Q: So you’re graduating in May! (ahh) What are you most excited for, post-graduation?

A: Starting my new job and see where life takes me…hopefully far far away from Miss TCC. Just kidding, I’m really excited to start working and trying something new.

I’ve always been super driven when it comes to working. I’m really passionate about getting out there and really creating something that benefits my team.

I’m also really excited to  be done with papers and tests!

Q: What does New England mean to you? & what’s your favorite New England City?

A: New England to me means one thing…Patriots. Just kidding the Red Sox are just as important.

Okay but really, New England to me means a fresh perspective. I love keeping busy and changing up my routine, so New England is perfect. Nothing changes up your routine like New England weather.

& of course, my favorite New England city is Boston, you have to go. daniel wellington watches

Q: How do you make long distance work? 

A: Communication!!! Just ask Aubrey, although she would probably disagree on this answer because I’m an over-communicator. I call her about 8 times a day, twice to check up on what’s going on with her & six times just to annoy her while I’m walking around campus. 

Q: This one’s for all the CT Foodies, what is your favorite restaurant to take Aubrey to?

A:  J.Gilberts or a sports bar (Buffalo Wild Wings), although I can tell you Aubrey would much rather go to J.Gilberts. 

Q: Finally…name another fashion trend girls are currently rocking, that you just aren’t about.

A: Boyfriend Jeans; Aubrey says they are a trend…but I think she’s lying. 

End Q & A! 

Hey Guys it’s Aubrey again! I hope you guys enjoyed the Q&A, thank you to everyone that snapped me your questions!

Also ladies please back me up & tell him boyfriend jeans are a thing, because he swears I’m the only one that wears them. 

If you guys want to see more of Matt on la blog, make sure to comment below saying what you want to see.

& if you want to see more Q&A’s than leave your Q’s below. xx A. 

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