Downtown in New York!

July 8th, 2015

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Hey Guys, 

My new obsession this summer is 100% NYC. So this isn’t “my first rodeo” when it comes to NYC life, but before this summer I was all about Midtown & Uptown. When I thought of NYC. I thought of a few things like Gossip Girl (just like any reasonable girl my age would), 5th Ave and one of my ultimate favorite spots in the world, Time Square. Yet this summer I have fallen in love with DOWNTOWN! From Wall Street to Chanel Street, downtown is my favorite place in the city & the place that I actually feel comfortable in. 

I could totally see myself blogging in riverside cafes or going for a evening stroll through the boutiques of Tribeca. Honestly downtown is more of a homey place & less of a home-less person, trash piled on the street, “jam packed” place. Anyway it is the first time I have had a fresh perspective of NYC, and it came with a water view! 

Above I have shared some of my favorite Downtown & 5th Ave NYC moments from this past weekend. Matt & I went full on tourist as we checked off the Empire State Building & The Statue of Liberty from our NYC to-do list. If you end up going to NYC you also have to check out Ralph’s Coffee in Ralph Lauren’s 5th Ave store, it is picturesque. Please feel free to always shoot me an email if you want more NYC travel suggestions :)!

PS: I am kind of obsessed wit Tribeca & The Financial District, like seriously obsessed! Have a great Wednesday xx A. 



15 thoughts on “Downtown in New York!

  1. Krista Williams

    Girl I was just thinking of doing this! I need a tourist weekend in NYC. There are so many hoods in NYC to love, but FiDi doesn’t get enough of it!

    Also loving the pictures, I am loving the dress.

    Have a good week! Can’t wait to read more 🙂


  2. sammie

    Since I’ll be going to NY in September again, I’m definitely trying to take some time and pay Downtown a visit :)Last time I was also going more Uptown because I just felt like I had to visit all the very touristy spots.

  3. Tonya

    Ahh this post makes me miss New York so much! I went for the first time last summer and it’s such an electrifying city!

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