Cable Knit Details

February 2nd, 2017


Cable Knit Sweater (on sale for $30!) || Jeans || Shoes || Earrings  || Watch || Necklace

Currently typing this as I chop on some conversation hearts, the sweetart kind, obviously! To be frank, I kind of hate the regular ones, blah.

Okay guys, love is in the air & I freaking love it! Some people hate Valentine’s Day but really, what is there to hate! Another excuse to go out to dinner, order dessert and fill your house with candy, it’s a win win.

I love Valentine’s Day but I normally don’t wear pink, I don’t like drawing attention to myself with bold colors. It’s just not me, I’m more of a nudes, blues and grey gal. But in honor of Valentine’s Day, I gave it my all this February and went with the motto THINK PINK!

So when I walked into Anthropologie the other day and saw this cable knit sweater, on sale for $100 $30, I jumped. Anthropologie is my weakness, I actually use to work there in college, but had to resign because I was spending more money. on clothes than I was making. Oops. 


Cabled Sleeve Detail - The Coastal Confidence - 3
Cabled Sleeve Detail - The Coastal Confidence - 10

Anyway, whenever I walk into an Anthropologie, I always head straight for the sale section; they have some amazing deals.

Like right now, they are having a killer sale, 25% off all dresses! So if you need a pink dress for your Valentine’s Day celebrations, check out my favorite ones on sale here, here and here

Okay guys, now let’s get serious. What are you all doing for Valentine’s Day? Matt & I are still brainstorming ideas, and I would love to hear your thoughts! So far we are planning to hit up La La Land, one of everything from our favorite Chinese restaurant and a visit to downtown Dallas. 


Cabled Sleeve Detail - The Coastal Confidence - 4
Cabled Sleeve Detail - The Coastal Confidence - 9

But it’s all still up in the air, more details to come!

Oh & this year, I’m bringing Matt to the blog way more. Sooo I’d love to hear your ideas, is there anything specific you’d like us to create content about!? Whether that’s style, opinions, business or lifestyle focused; we love producing content that you both enjoy and find value in.

Let us know below. Okay Matt & I are off to a special event this weekend! Make sure to follow along, via snapchat (aubreyrose740) and instagram stories (thecoastalconfidence). xx Aubrey 

Cabled Sleeve Detail - The Coastal Confidence - 7
Cabled Sleeve Detail - The Coastal Confidence - 5

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  1. Brenna McCann

    So these pics are reminding of the song “She Will be Loved” by Maroon 5 and that sweater is the perfect color on you!!! Thanks for sharing!

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