August Heat

July 27th, 2016

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Okayyyyyy so recently it has been way to hot in CT! With August just around the corner and college move-in dates creeping into our calendars, it’s time to talk move-in day staples.

Ugh, I know what you guys thinking….it’s July AUBREY!  BUT if you’re a college student heading back to la campus then I bet you’re already stocking up on back to college necessities!

I’m a ‘prepare prepare prepare’ gal, so if you are anything like me I bet you are almost done with back to campus shopping. So I’m here to share my elder advice (JK).

So get ready for a story…

When I went to college (literally last year) I would arrive around August 20th and it would somehow always be the hottest day of the summer. I can remember getting all cute for move-in day & arriving looking like I just ran a marathon (ew).

Think gross, sticky, sweaty & really really thirsty. Guys we all love fall clothes and back to school shopping but let’s be honest for a moment, it’s still wayyyyyyy to hot to wear jeans on the first day of college.

So I’m hear to say tackle the first day in something, just as trendy but not as hot, like these jean shorts. mystic

new england style
jack rogers

So cute right! I feel like shorts get a bad stigma as way to casual,  but it’s August sooooooo I’m wearing them.

I also ALWAYS invest in a good back to school tote! Why? Well because backpacks are a pain & totes are just easier for a gal on the go.

I used my Barrington Tote all the way through college, it held up soooooo well! It actually lasted longer than my Longchamp bag, so consider that ladies. & the best part about the tote is that it fit everything. Think books, pencil case, wallet, laptop, notebooks and binders.

Literally everything!!!! barrington gift totes

hope and stetson mystic ct

Okay enough back to school advice.

Let’s take a moment to chat! Are you guys prepared for back to college/end of summer?! I have a few exciting surprises for you guys in September but until then, I want to help in anyway possible with your back to school transition.

So what would you like to see on here?

College room decor? Back to school supplies? More back to school outfit posts? I’m here to help you guys in anyway possible so please leave any post suggestions in the comments below.

Love you guys xx A.  lucky shorts

hope and stetson
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