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May 4th, 2017
Location  •   Dallas, Texas

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2017 has been a weird year, I honestly can’t believe it’s already May, but all and all aside I’ve been lucky enough to spend a lot of 2017 exploring Dallas, Texas. From the numerous cake shops, coffee stands, and BBQ joints I’ve basically been eating my way through the deep heart of Texas. 

The fun part about getting to live in a new region is, getting to see the unique regional culture. You get to experience the delish food, and best of all, embrace their style, lifestyle habits and even pick up on a little lingo. Experiencing new things is essential to growing, so if you have the opportunity to move around a little bit, I’d totally recommend it.

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Now while I must say, I’ve stayed true to my New England attire, I must give credit where credit is due and say Texas has introduced me to my new love, the white linen shirt

You guys, the heat here is no joke, so when it comes to heading outside and looking semi-professional, whether I’m meeting another blogger at a coffee shop or hunting for new finds to share with you all, I’ve been constantly reaching for a linen shirt, which is normal so not me. 

Let 2017 be the year of linen for Mrs. Aubrey, I’ve been wearing it all over and in many different ways. I’ve been knotting the shirt at the bottom for a nice relaxed look (last seen here) and I’ve been wearing it tucked in the front but to be honest, I’ve been mostly wearing it loose and flowy. The Linen Shirt -0964

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The Linen Shirt -1086

It just looks so darn sophisticated but also keeps you cool, comfortable and stylish. So whether you are fighting the southern heat or enjoying a cool New England spring, like into adding a linen shirt to your current wardrobe. & then thank me later. 

Also, a good linen dress has and will always be the perfect thing to pack for a vacation, whether that means Nantucket or Aruba, linen looks so chic against the big blue sea. 

Okay I’d love to hear from you guys, do you have any spring trends you can’t stop getting enough of this year? Let me know below xx Aubrey. The Linen Shirt -0909

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