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July 7th, 2017
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Life is all about, what I like to call, ‘the approach’.  
I’m serious though! I’m always telling my friends, Matt, sisters and basically anyone that will stop to listen, that how you approach a person, is basically a pre-set to the outcome. 
I’m talking about going into a conversation with an open mind and flexibility, rather than a set goal. So many people struggle with this, and don’t even realize it, so I’m here to help. 
You could say my job is tied in with the art of communication, and guys, it really is an art. 
Whether it’s writing a blog post, negotiating with a brand or even talking one-on-one with a reader, I’ve gotten pretty darn good at polishing my communication skills and learning what works. 
But let me tell you one thing that doesn’t work…entitlement.  
A lot of people ask me about my college experience and how I became a blogger, and to be honest it’s because I was open-minded and flexible when approaching people, SIMPLE AS THAT. 


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I would walk into professors’ offices and just have a conversation, I would ask people about their days. because…WHY NOT. I would go into every conversation (or try to) with a ‘whatever’ attitude & this is key.
I never expected people to help me and I never demanded or felt entitled (ew gross) towards their time, skills or connections. 
We all have that friend, let’s call her ‘dear’ that no matter what, the moment ‘dear’ texts you, they need something. Whether it be a ride to the mall, notes from yesterday’s class or a study buddy; they go into every conversation entitled, closed-minded, and looking to get ahead (blah). 
& you know what, we all have love/hate relationships with these kinds of people; heck maybe sometimes we are these types of people, but in the long run, you NEED to refine your approach. 
Why? you might ask, well because how you approach people is half the battle. Being abrasive, aggressive, pushy and frankly rude; for no reason is well RUDE. & people pick up on these things. 
All day every day, I get DM’s, emails, tweets,  and comments asking for things. But let me tell you one thing, there is a big difference in how I react to brand’s asking for free work, haters upset about spelling mistakes or even people who demand free products, never to showcase it; from those people that reach out to say they loved a blog post and later down the line reach out for help.

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  1. Rox-Anne

    Yes! I know far too many ‘dears’ that need to read this post! Treat everyone how you would like to be treated and be nice to everybody, great advice for everyone! Love the outfit too 😀 xx Rox-Anne Celebrating This Life

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