July White & Blue Pallet

June 26th, 2017

July White & Blue Pallet-7759Dress || Shoes || Earrings || Lipstick || Bag (sold out, similar listed)

New England, is just really fun to capture during this time of the year.

There is something so magical about the 4th of July, and how New Englanders embrace it. Maybe it’s because it reminds me of quintessential New England moments, like driving down little town streets, covered in pebbles while taking in historic New England beach homes. 

Or just jamming eight of us into Matt’s car, in route to our local ice creamery for some late night ice cream and hoping for a chance to see some fireworks.July White & Blue Pallet-7790

July White & Blue Pallet-7845
July White & Blue Pallet-7635

July is the heart of summer in New England. Or at least I think so. 

Something about this time of year brings me right back to my high school years, which is special because that’s when Matt and I first started dating.

Maybe it’s the fact that we saw fireworks on our first date, that makes me reminisce about this time of year so much. 

Not only is July super inspiring for me, when it comes to creating content, it also has a red, white and blue effect on our wardrobe (this includes Matt). July White & Blue Pallet-7871

July White & Blue Pallet-7752
July White & Blue Pallet-7810

& I think you’re in the same boat. I’ve had readers calling me up all week, requesting some Red, White and Blue inspiration for this upcoming weekend, and I’m here to help.

July’s color pallet, is pretty #basic, think red, white and blue; obviously. However, it doesn’t have to stop there; you can incorporate solids, stripes, gingham and even this watermelon patterned dress!

This past weekend Matt and I celebrated 4th of July a little early, so I settled for this blue and white high low dress in route to our town’s local fair. First off, I love that the dress includes a belt, and secondly, I love high-low dresses for picnic type events, it’s just fun, casual, and easier to avoid a fashion mishap!

Overall high-lows are perfect for the 4th. July White & Blue Pallet-7784

July White & Blue Pallet-7584
July White & Blue Pallet-7818

Geez, how time has flown guys, I can’t believe it’s July 4th weekend, and I can’t believe I’m headed home to New England for the 4th! 

I’m so grateful and hoping to really soak in as much New England summer inspiration as possible. New England summers are a rare experience and if you ever have the chance to visit a true New England beach town, take advantage because nothing is more inspiring than some good, wood-shingled homes. 

I’d love to hear where you are spending the 4th of July! & look forward to a 4th of July dessert treat heading to the blog this Wednesday! xx Aubrey. 

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