How to stay cool and stylish in the summer heat

July 30th, 2017

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Summer is the perfect time to try out trends and new styles, slightly outside of your comfort zone. While I usually stick to traditional staples come fall and winter, in summer you’ll often see me trying out some more current styles, like this wrap dress

I’ve gotten several questions in the past week from you guys, with an emphasis on how to stay cool during the summer heat and depending on where you live ‘heat’ could mean a few different things. 

This summer I’ve split my time between the beautiful New England coastline, with cool breezes and slightly humid air, and the Northern part of Dallas, which is as they say: hot, hot, hot. 

These two locations are both hot in their own way, so I’ve gotten pretty accustomed to beating the heat and looking cool.

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Below I’ve listed 5 ways to stay cool during the heat of summer. 

1) Drink Water 

This might sound obvious, but your skin will thank you later. Everyone is always trying to accomplish that dewy and glowy skin, during the summer and I’ve found the best way to achieve that naturally is by drinking your eight glasses of water a day. 

This was something I really had to work hard at to accomplish, as I’m the worst water drinker known to man, but once I got the hang of it I found myself reaching for water every chance I had. 

Once you get in the habit of drinking water your body and skin will look so much better, trust me.  

2) Wear Dresses 

Nothing is more disgusting than walking around all day in sweaty shorts. I always reach for a dress, like this wrap one, the second I see temperatures increase. Dresses allow air flow to access your body, both cooling you down and keeping you glamorous. 

Not to mention dresses are the perfect five-second outfit, and really take minimal time to throw on and walk out the door. The dress I”m wearing above comes in five colors, sadly this exact pattern is now out of stock, but I already purchased the dress again in yellow (lol!).  

3) Wear Sunglasses to Preserve Makeup 

Okay, I haven’t done research on this tip however it works for me. Whenever I’m driving, walking, or sitting outside; I always wear big sunglasses to preserve my eye makeup. 

I’m a fan of both liquid liners and a clump lash look, however, when your eyes are in direct sunlight, I can literally feel my makeup start to run. So by keeping my shades on, I’ve personally noticed my makeup lasting way longer and barely running. How to stay cool and stylish in the summer heat-0491

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4) Get your hair off your neck 

I take this tip to the extreme, as every summer, I go in for a major haircut. I actually took 4 inches off my hair last week, because summer is too hot for long hair. 

By getting my hair off my neck and shoulders, I’m able to not only stay cooler but also achieve that messy beach hair curl. Now, I completely understand if you’re too attached to part with your lushes locks, if so just twist your hair up into a mature up-do. 

5) Sunscreen and Moisturizer

Let’s all admit nothing is cute about peeling skin. 

It’s really important to apply sunscreen to your skin DAILY! Every morning I wake up and reach right for my Maelove facial sunscreen. It makes a wonderful makeup primer and really protects your skin from further skin damage and wrinkles.

I know buying sunscreen isn’t glamorous so I reached out to Maelove for you guys, and they sent me a discount code for 25% off your order & free shipping with code: “loveconfidence”. Try it once and your skin won’t regret it.

Finally, at night, I wash off all my makeup using this facial cleanser and after patting my face with a towel, I’ll go ahead and apply this lotion for hydration. This Tula hydrating lotion is by far the BEST lotion I’ve ever used (& this is NOT sponsored). I’m being honest with you guys, this lotion just really absorbs into your skin and creates the perfect cooling and hydrating sensation for the dog days of summer.

Overall the key to staying cool, while looking cute during the summer starts with keeping your body: healthy, hydrated and protected from the sun. 

I’d love to hear how you stay cool during the summer heat and look cute below. xx Aubrey How to stay cool and stylish in the summer heat-0442

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