How To Properly Layer for New England’s Cold Weather

January 3rd, 2018
Location  •   Manchester, Vermont
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The weather outside around this time of year can physically leave me shaking in my tightly tied duck boots. I mean, you guys, it’s really cold out there. Over this past weekend, New England and a large part of the country experienced record chilling temperatures, in fact, Connecticut was in the single-digits, all week long, which is truly unusual. Now while I’m all for hunkering down and curling up for a few days, I knew I wouldn’t last a full week of staying put, so I really put my warm wardrobe items to the test. 
Basically, I ripped all my nicely hung clothes off their wooden hangers and got to work. The only way you have a shot at staying warm during this type of weather is by layering your outfit with different fabrics and textures. I use to be horrid at this, I would walk outside with just a wool sweater tied together with a ski jacket and hope for the best, which never ended well. So pull up a chair because I’m breaking down how to properly layer for New England’s Cold Weather this winter. 
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I use to be a summer girl through and through, but after personally experiencing two boiling Texas summers, I’ve really come to admire and find a new layer of inspiration, in the blistering winds and snow flurries January and February have to offer. You’ll just need a few items to fully tackle this cold weather and enjoy the winter wonderland at your backdoor. 
Layer #1 / The Turtleneck: 2017 could easily be defined as the year I fell back in love with turtlenecks, specifically this one and this one. Whether you’re wearing it alone or as a layer, a turtleneck is your foundation for layering this winter.
Layer #2 / Warm Sweater: Now for the layering, once you have your go-to turtleneck on, pair it with any crewneck sweater. This combo ensures you’ll be warm and really completes that warm and cozy look. You have to remember that sweaters often come in different knits, either loose or tight, so having the extra layer from the turtleneck will help protect you from any windchill coming through your sweater’s knitting. 
Layer #3 / The High Waisted Pant: When the colder weather rolls in I automatically lean towards layering high waisted pants. First off, they are super easy to tuck your turtleneck into and secondly, the extra height adds an additional layer of warmth for your belly. 
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Layer #4 / Campfire Socks: One of the first places you’ll really feel that cold weather is in your toes. Having the proper foot gear is essential, and I highly recommend on stocking up on a few of these campfire socks. Not only do they keep your toes toasty, they also look stylish when layered over black jeans and worn with duck boots. 
Layer #5 / Waterproof Boots: Having a pair of waterproof boots is essential for keeping your toes dry, warm and frostbite free during this time of year. I actually have two pairs of boots I cycle between, depending on the temperature and conditions. For snowy and damp conditions I wear these fleece-lined durable snow boots and for rainy days I wear these classic duck boots, pictured above.  
Layer #6 / Gloves: I honestly do not care how silly you might think you seem, wearing mittens around town, you really need to. You guys, when it’s this cold outside you NEED to keep those fingers warm! I love this pair of classic, warm leather mittens but if a classic mitten isn’t your style…we can meet in the middle with a leather glove. Leather gloves, for me personally, aren’t always as warm as mittens but no-matter your style your hands need to be warm and layered. 
Layer #7 / Accessories: It’s cold out there, which can sometimes feel bleak, don’t be afraid to add warmth or color to your layered style with accessories. Whether that means a pair of colorful earmuffs, a boldly structured purse or a colorful pair of shades; remember the little details can really tie together an outfit.
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I hope this post inspired you to dress your best this cold winter season. Remeber that staying warm during this jarring weather is your number one priority and that with a few simple layers you can tackle just about any temperature. I’d love to hear what the temperatures are like by you right now, let me know below. 
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