January 31st, 2017

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I’ve been dying to write this post, but honestly didn’t know how to get all my thoughts onto paper.

Okay for the last month the concept of adaptability has been popping up everywhere for me. 

If you don’t know what, adaptability is, it’s: the quality of being able to adjust to new conditions and to be modified for a new use or purpose

Okay, first, I ran into it when I was listening to The Jackie Kennedy Tapes. She was talking about how essential the trait of adapting was to her, as she had to learn to take on different roles very quickly throughout her life; first lady, a widower and fashion icon. She referred to adaptability as a skill all young wives, must skillfully learn (#welcometothesixties).

She referred to adaptability as a skill all young wives, must skillfully learn (#welcometothesixties).

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I walked away from those tapes pondering adaptability, but not thinking much of it, until it popped up again in a recent yoga class I was taking.

The instructor was chatting about how yoga isn’t about flexibility or being a pretzel person; but rather about adaptability.

Basically taking what you have and modifying it to make it work. Whether that means modifying a yoga pose, how you react to a situation or how you envision your success; it all needs to be adaptable. 

It’s not about being flexible and bending around things, it’s about literally taking the time to adjust.

& I literally had an ah-ha moment, I had to share with you all!

Holding the mindset of adaptability over these past couple weeks has been a game changer for me, I feel less stressed and have an overall better outlook on things. 

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Don’t get me wrong, I love my job but being adaptable in this field is key, as rejection and change can feel like a constant.  I wake up every day to emails that could make my day or literally send me into a whirlwind of stress and to=do lists. 

But instead of bending over backwards, and feeling hopeless, disappointed or giving up;  I’m adjusting, modifying and learning from my mistakes so I can ADAPT!

I often hear people talking about change and how being open to change is a good thing, and makes you an adventure person.

Well, I’m calling crap on that! Like BIG TIME!

Yea switching things up is fun, but sometimes change just sucks!

So in those mandatory moments of change, whether that is having to move across the country, not getting into that class you needed to take or something as simple as not being able to hold your Warrior II pose; instead of bending yourself, modify and find a new purpose. 

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I once was rejected from a dream fashion internship that I LITERALLY bent over backwards to get an interview for. I made it to the last round, and after six interviews got rejected.

I literally cried for four days straight, it was ugly guys.

& from that rejection I adapted, got an internship with a local blogger and now blog full-time.

To be frank, sometimes it’s just going to suck guys, and that’s a fact, but the quicker you learn to adapt and take on your new purpose the better! & the fact that Jackie Kennedy recommended it doesn’t hurt either.

Okay, sorry for the long rant, but I just got out of another yoga class and just went for it.  I love sharing my ah-ha moments with you all! If you’d like more posts like this, let me know below

Also how cute is this Southern Tide workout gear! Matt shot these images of me on Sunday right before our little morning run (fast walk). xx Aubrey

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