What to Wear to Fenway

May 23rd, 2017

What To Wear to Fenway | The Coastal Confidence by Aubrey Yandow

Wow, it’s already Memorial Day weekend, which basically kicks off summer in New England. Finally! Whenever anyone mentions summer in New England, Matt & I instantly say…


Ever since I was a little girl, my family has always had season tickets at Fenway. Going to games is kind of in my blood, like many other New Englanders. I can remember leaving school early, on a random Wednesday, just to go to a game.

We would drive an hour and fifteen minutes into Boston, listening to Sweet Caroline the entire way. Once we arrived we’d full on sprint into the best baseball park in America, Fenway Frank in hand (obviously). 

Let’s be honest though, finding the perfect outfit for game day can be tricky,  because of the unpredictable New England weather. Whether you’re headed to the Yard Goats game in Hartford or a Yankee vs. Red Sox Game at Fenway, I have you covered,  for both day and night games! 

Day Game: 

Let’s keep things cool, classic, and Red Sox themed. For day games I suggest light cotton dresses, jean shorts and your best pair of sunglasses, because it’s going to get HOT. 

Night Game: 

Let’s keep things casual, warmer and low maintance. New England evenings can be a bit chilly so mix a tee with white jeans or a longsleeve with jean shorts. Layers are your best friend! 


Writing this as I’m watching the Red Sox vs. Rangers, and already planning my outfit for mid-July when I’m back in Beantown! What’s your favorite baseball stadium to attend? I’d love to hear your thoughts. xx Aubrey 


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