What Our Crew is Purchasing This Cyber Monday

November 27th, 2017


Happy Holidays TCC Readers!I am so happy to be writing this week’s letter and share with you the best deals ever! As you know Aubrey is crazy busy and asked her crew for some help. We cannot wait to share with you our wishlist for this Christmas! So whether you are shopping for the special people in your life or treating yourself– there is something for everyone!

Mr. Matt Craig
While everyone will be out running from store to store, I will be in the office working hard because there are no days off for this guy. However, I will be online the entire day trying to find every deal I can find from the click of my mouse, so don’t tell my boss.


I spend Black Friday under a warm blanket, watching Christmas in Connecticut on repeat. I’ve worked retail long enough to know that deals are often better online and often even span the whole week of Black Friday. So instead of beating the crowds, I hunker down wallet in hand and laptop fully charged. This year I’m planning on picking up these following deals:

  • A New Mattress for our Guest Bedroom: Starting on Nov 19th and running through Black Friday, Leesa Mattress will be offering $125 off the Leesa mattress + a free pillow ($75 value).
  • A New Pair of M.Gemi sneakers: this pair are my ride or die for traveling, walking or long days of shooting. They are so easy to slip on and off while being high-end and stylish. I already own this pair in white and I’m waiting for their Cyber Monday to save $50 and splurge for a pair in black.
  • Nespresso Machine: Call me basic, but recently I’ve been toying with the idea of getting an espresso machine. I’ve always been a latte lover, which can be costly, so this espresso machine which is a collaboration with two of my favorite brands has been on my wishlist for some time. William Sonoma always has amazing Black Friday deals, so I’m hoping to find the machine for under $400 (normal retail $900)!



Tessa // TCC VIDEO

 I just got my driver’s license so I can finally go out Black Friday shopping! I am a pretty great shopper and I always look for deals, especially buy one get one free (that’s the best). My favorite stores to shop in would definitely be Nordstrom or J.Crew; I can never get enough! So I will be on the lookout to buy cute sweaters and so stocking stuffers for the siblings (Don’t tell Aubrey)!

  • Crosley Record Player: I have always been jealous of my sisters for having their own record players, and I thinks it’s about time to get one myself. I will be on the lookout for a simple cream Crosley record player in all Urban Outfitters near me. The sale at Urban is buy one get one 50% off, so I should be able to get a record player and a little something extra!
  • Trouve Funnel Neck Sweater: My love for sweaters is truly limitless and I am always dying for a simple white sweater during the holidays. This Sweater was originally over $100 but now it’s on sale at Nordstroms for $79.  


Cecilia // TCC Intern
  I love Black Friday, but I prefer to take part in the action after I get my coffee. I always try to scan the shopping scene before I head out- I always, always have my list. I cannot leave the house on Black Friday without a game plan or I will come back with an empty bank account. I am a sophomore in college so finding gifts that are valuable and do not break the bank for my friends and family is a must! Plus, I’ve been good this year so I will definitely be treating myself 😉


  • Chenille Sweater Throw Blanket– Who can have enough pink? I do not think one can enough color especially the color pink. This blanket is to die for soft. Plus- it is so heavy that it will keep you warm. (TCC readers who live in dorms with emotional heaters- I feel your pain) This blanket would be perfect for a friend who lives in a dorm and needs extra warmth- plus color.

  • Monthly Calendar– As a college student, I think the hardest part is remembering! Remembering when that huge project is due, an advisor meeting, do not forget your sorority meeting Sunday night, and it’s your grandma’s 87th birthday- Call her! For all those who have to be organized to keep their schedule straight. I am wanting this amazing gold rimmed dry erase calendar board! Perfect for my dorm!
  • Workout Gear– Working out is something that I have really dedicated myself to. However, 2018 is the year I am ready to take it up a notch! Can I get a – YEAH GIRL! I am definitely adding these adorable workout leggings to my wishlist, along with a crop top, and jacket to match. I mean if you look good- who wouldn’t want to work out? Plus these choices are so versatile. I have classes back to back and when I get a break I want to head to the gym. So instead of running back to my room to change, I wear this great ensemble because I still look cute enough for class with a jacket but when I get to the gym I am ready to sweat!

We hope these ideas inspire you to have an amazing shopping day and these amazing finds make it to your wishlist! From the bottom of the TCC crew hearts- we are so happy to be apart of your Holiday! Happiest of Holidays and wishing you the best shopping!