Ways to Wear a Skirt This Fall

October 11th, 2017
Location  •   Dallas, Texas

Ways to Wear a Skirt This Fall-1575Skirts || Turtleneck || Necklace (old similar listed) || Mules || Jean Jacket 

To be honest, I feel like this fall was unusually warm…am I wrong? Usually, my drawers are bursting at the seams with jeans, while my closet is overflowing with wool sweaters hung, but this year the warmth has my closet looking rather barren. 

I’ve actually pushed my jeans to the side and have been purchasing and supplying my fall wardrobe with skirts of all things. At first, I was hesitant with some of my more short skirt purchases, frankly because my favorite skirts are mid-length but I knew they would look quite awkward to wear with loafers or riding boots. 

So I stretched my style limits and started picking up these shorter skirts from J.Crew. As I said above at first I was 99% sure I’d return them within two days, but after wearing this outfit to a local fair, I couldn’t get enough. The fit is classic, the style of the skirt looks perfect with turtlenecks (a fall favorite of mine) not to mention they are as comfortable and versatile.

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Ways to Wear a Skirt This Fall-1598

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So last weekend, Matt surprised me by taking me to the fair. I was so excited, so I styled this classic fall look, and we went on our way. The drive was quite long, so when I saw these bales of hay on the side of the road, I demanded Matt to stop. 

We parked on the side of the highway and got to work. Now if you follow me on Instagram then you already know that while we were taking our pictures…we got attacked by a mound of fire ants. It was our first run in with these ants, and hopefully our last. So halfway through getting our perfect shots, we ended up sprinting from the field and into our car. 

Matt was complaining, I was seriously itching and all and all it was a rough way to start our day…but all for the perfect picture, am I right?!Ways to Wear a Skirt This Fall-1590

Ways to Wear a Skirt This Fall-1624
Ways to Wear a Skirt This Fall-1637

Anyway, since I was wearing a skirt, I got bites all up my leg but I sported the skirt anyways. Overall, after a day of fair wear and tear, I would really recommend looking into adding these skirts to your fall wardrobe. Some of my recent favorites are this plaid mini skirtthis velvet knee-length number, and finally this houndstooth mini skirt. All of the above skirts, I personally own and can vouch for their quality and comfort. 

So step up your fall game with a skirt or two, and leave a comment below if you’ve ever experienced the raft of the fire ants. It was an unwanted experience, to say the least. xx Aubrey Ways to Wear a Skirt This Fall-1648

Ways to Wear a Skirt This Fall-1663
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3 thoughts on “Ways to Wear a Skirt This Fall

  1. Lisa

    I just bought this sidewalk skirt (j crew factory) in grey, and also camel, and LOVE them !! We live in R.I. and I have been wearing them with driving mocs, and flats. They also look really good with tall boots. I love how versatile this skirt is ….so easy to dress up or wear more casual and still be comfy and cute. When the cooler weather arrives I will wear these skirts with tights, boots, and sweaters. You look great in that length skirt, thanks for featuring it in your blog !!!!

  2. Sheel

    The unseasonably warm weather in CT has been making me so sad because fall fashion is my favorite! You’re so right though, skirts are the perfect option to still look stylish and classy. I’ve been stocking up on pencil skirts that I can wear during the fall, but accessorize so that it’s still cold weather appropriate (if and when that even happens)!

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