Watch Hill Love.

June 26th, 2014


Watch Hill = dream spot!

Literally Watch Hill is one of my ultimate favorite places to go…EVER!

I love Watch Hill because it is filled with cute shops (that sell good clothes), ice cream that is awesome & is filled with beautiful beach dream houses!


All I want to do with my life is move into that gray house, wear Ralph Lauren everyday & go to the beach all summer.

So besides all the wonderful amenities of Watch Hill, the beach is vibrant & never super crowded which is great!



Besides a ton of sunscreen ( emphasis on a ton), I also wore a white long shirt from Anthropologie, for walking on the beach. I paired this shirt with black Lululemon running shorts while walking around the town & in the car. & a vineyard vine hat to protect myself from the sun.


So after a fun day of lying on the beach & swimming in the ocean. I ate some lobster & called it a day. Yum, Yum, Yum.

Oh & that white beach house is owned by Taylor Swift! How cool is that (I totally want)!

xx. A


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