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July 22nd, 2016

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Briefcase || Cardigan (on sale) || Shirt || Jeans (on sale) || Shoes (on sale) || Sunglasses

As you guys know, the Nordstrom sale is up & running for the public (ahh). Honestly I could go on & on & onnnnnn about how great the sale is and all the amazing things I have gotten, BUT I want to take this time to talk about something serious, BUDGETING!

Oh yea here comes the Finance Major in me, budgeting is a passion of mine. It really is. 

You guys, I’m going to be super honest with you and tell you exactly why budgeting is so important to me. So listen up!!briefcase

the coastal confidenc

Budgeting is important to me because I’m what marketers call: The Social Shopper. 

Basically a ‘social shopper’ is a shopper who uses shopping as a social event and often shops amongst friends, resulting in impulse buys. HAHAHA yup that is me. 

I loveeeee shopping and I always drag along a second opinion, whether it’s Matt, my mom, my sister Tessa or even you guys. I’m constantly shopping for the social aspect of it all.

Malls are literally my happy place. In college my best friend Jennifer would always take me to the mall whenever I was in one of those mood.

Yet no matter what, I usually made a purchase, even if it was something small like a new lipstick or Starbucks. nordstrom sale guide

nordstrom annual sale
new england style

Shopping to me is social but that can be dangerous! So when huge events like the Nordstrom anniversary sale come along, I make sure to SET A BUDGET! I usually aim at spending under $300 per seasons. 

& this year was a success! I’ve already restocked my fall wardrobe with the essentials thanks to this amazing sale! All I purchased was a few tees, this cardigan I’m currently wearing, this lace-up shirt & a pair of sneakers!

hair flip
fall style

So my advise is as followed: 

  • Set a budget for clothes per seasons!

Now I’m not saying you have to spend that much but at least create a cut off limit! & if you are having trouble keeping records of your spending try the app Minted, it is a lifesaver!

  • First buy the basics THEN the splurge items.

If you need jeans, buy jeans before you spend the money for a purse that you might want. Buy what you know you NEED before buying what you want. This sounds simple, but I’ve totally broken this rule before. 

  • Finally hold yourself accountable,

While shopping for me is a social activity make sure to know when enough candles is enough, overbuying is literally the worst. Trust me I would know, I’m currently burning Christmas candles because I went way overboard on the candle load. 

Anyway what do you guys think? Let me know below! Also PLEASE share any extra shopping tips you might have. The more the merrier. xx A. 

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