Transitional Pieces for Fall

September 20th, 2016


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Thursday marks the first ‘OFFICIAL’ Day of fall but you would never know from the recent weather we’ve been having in Dallas. Think HOT, like 100 degrees, just about 40 degrees too hot for my typical fall style. 

I wanted to focus this post around transitional pieces for fall because I’ve been getting so many emails lately about my current fall wardrobe. A lot of you have been wondering how I’m maintaining my fall style while in a warmer location, aka Dallas. So I’m here to break it all down for you!



Embracing fall in a warmer location means scrapping the jeans for now. I’ve been living in this super light white dress, it’s the perfect foundation to build upon. The dress is only $23 and it’s light enough to layer with, so I pulled out this jean jacket & every gals favorite fall accessory, the blanket scarf!

When it comes to transitional pieces it’s key to start with a light classic layer. You can always build from there without overheating. So what if it ends up being too hot? Just pull off the layers and sport your cute dress. I hope this post helped guide you through the ‘dog days of fall’!

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2 thoughts on “Transitional Pieces for Fall

  1. Heather Griner

    Hi Aubrey!
    I’ve loved browsing and reading your blog! One of my favorite things to do is to snuggle up in a big warm blanket with a yummy cup of coffee. I’d love to see some big super soft blankets in the shop!

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