August 14th, 2014

So traffic.

Somehow whenever I am running errands & just want to get home & relax, I hit traffic (even @ times when there should be NO TRAFFIC). 

So when the bridge is backed up...I always take the ferry. ferryboatpic10Obviously if traffic is moving the ferry isn’t a faster option but when the traffic is slow & you have to get over the river, the ferry is a easy & relaxing option. ferryboatpic7The Glastonbury / Rocky Hill Ferry transportation has been operating since 1655, which is crazy!

I just love how connected the East Coast is with America’s colonial time.

& it’s fun thinking about the way East Coast cities & towns have evolved since their founding.  ferryboatpic8

Anyways traffic over the bridge was super backed up the other day so I went old fashion & took the ferry across the CT River. ferryboatpic1


SHIRT// HERE. SHORTS// HERE. SUNGLASSES// HERE. RING// HERE. SHOES// HERE.ferryboatpic9ferryboatpic3

SO, I was just running around CT sending packages, getting breakfast & running errands.

Whenever I am running errands in the summer, I usually just wear a basic tee & my favorite J.Crew shorts.

& I always wear my watch so I can keep tabs on the time & where I have to be next.ferryboatpic5ferryboatpic6ferryboatpic4

I have officially started packing…so the next few weeks will be errand filled.

Including an impromptu mall date with Kelly tonight for some back to school essentials!

I don’t care that back to school shopping is meant for 5th graders & buying school uniforms. No matter my age I will forever embrace the shopping excitement of starting the fall off with some new items!

Which probably means I’ll  end up buying more basic tees tonight! 

Ugh, back to school shopping always breaks my bank! But I love it anyways. ferryboatpic2

Let me know what your back to school must haves are!