Too Cool For School

August 7th, 2015

too cool for school

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Hey Guys,

Okay so I’m that super organized, have to have folders & bins for everything kind of girl. Which is funny because my room is a hot mess, but my work life is very organized. I think the key to being organized is writing EVERYTHING DOWN, like everything. To-do lists are an understatement & even my to-do lists are a little over the top. From scheduling potential work outs to writing down what I need at the grocery store, lists save my life! 

So in order to stay so organized, I always have an agenda on hand. I actually have 2 agendas & one desk calendar (crazy I know!). My desk calendar works as my blog’s editorial calendar, then my Kate Spade agenda is where I schedule posts and work related goals and finally my Lilly Pulitzer agenda is all for school. I know, that seems a little crazy, but without all of my agendas I would be the definition of a hot mess. 

Anyways are you guys stocking up for back-to-school yet? Let me know below, xx. A. 


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