The Bell Sleeve

January 27th, 2017

the bell sleeve - the coastal confidence - 5Bell Sleeve Top || Jeans || Shoes (old, similar found here & here) || Necklace

Okay, now guys, I typically don’t love chatting about style or trends, it’s just not me. To be honest, I don’t consider myself really that good at styling others. 

I know what works for me and that’s what I wear, even if it’s not ‘in’ or ‘trendy‘. My only advice in terms of styling is to create your own personal style, by wearing what makes you feel like all that and a bag of chips’.

Okay, we all have that skirt, dress or red lipstick that takes our self-confidence from a ‘meh’ to a yay. I currently LOVE wearing this beaded dress, with pearls in my ears, my new flats & a headband. That’s my ‘ YAY Style’ and I know it’s not for everyone but it’s what works for me. 

So that’s what I would wear to class, but if you asked me to wear a crop top I probably would have had a mental breakdown.

Crop tops aren’t’ my thing, to put it simply they are ‘meh’ for me, even though they are trendy and super chic, they just aren’t me. So instead of focusing on the trends, focus on what makes you feel confident!

So basically, just do you! 
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A lot of my posts on the TCC include outfits and yes I’m often sharing my outfit details on Instagram, but I really don’t consider myself to be all that stylish. It’s just not something I identify with. 

Which is why The Coastal Confidence is a New England lifestyle brand and not a style blog. I try to stick to what I know.

But I’m going to branch out and talk about one trend that’ I’m all for the bell sleeve top! I truly believe this trend is one we can all strut to. the bell sleeve - the coastal confidence - 7

the bell sleeve - the coastal confidence - 2
the bell sleeve - the coastal confidence - 4

I have always had a slightly girly style. I just love skirts, dresses and yum bell sleeves, like how could I not! Not only are they trendy, cute and easy to pull off; they come in so many different sizes and are overall conservative (aka my jam). 

You could go all out into the trend with a super loud bell top, ease into the trend in my favorite $35 ruffle sleeve tee or take a medium road with this top. So many options in so many styles, this trend is for EVERYONE. 

Let’s be honest, I like this trend because I just want to dress like Megan from Mad Men, not kidding.

Okay guys, let me know where you stand on those bell sleeve below, I really can’t wait to read your thoughts. xx Aubrey 

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  1. Brenna McCann

    Ok this might be my favorite outfit so far! Love that blue and that shoe! Hope all is well!!!!

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