Thanksgiving Travel Tips

November 17th, 2017
Location  ā€¢   Litchfield County, CT

Thanksgiving Travel Tips-7345Elba Sweater (runs large, size down) || Black Pants || Leopard Shoes[] || Purse (old, similar linked) || Sunglasses (on sale!) 

I’m heading home for the holidays and I couldn’t be more excited! While Matt will be staying behind in Dallas, I’m spending this weekend packing and checking my list twice before heading home to CT for a little over two weeks. My sister Tessie and I have a few fun videos we’ll be shooting and we are giddy with excitement to share more details. 

 I’ve actually packed up ahead of time, but yesterday I was stumped by one thing and one thing only…what to wear on the airplane! I always find picking out my airplane clothes to be by far the hardest decision of the entire trip. I guess I have a fear of being on the plane in a scratchy sweater or tight jeans. Anyway, I figured I’d share my go-to travel outfit and a few Thanksgiving Travel Tips with you all. 

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This weekend and the upcoming Thanksgiving day week can be one of the busiest travel dates of the ENTIRE YEAR! While I’m constantly traveling from one airport to another, others find traveling a very anxious and or never racking experience. So today our TCC Crew put together a few tips to make your holiday travels a little more magical:  

+ Bring, Wear or Carry on a Blanket Scarf –  Without a doubt, I’m always cold on a plane and since I’m usually flying to colder destinations, an easy fix is just to carry on a blanket scarf! They are pretty inexpensive and most importantly make the coziest blankets come take off. 


+ Bring Snacks – My bank account has left the impact of being hangry in the airport. Nothing is more expensive than a bag of chips or a water bottle at the airport, so I suggest you plan accordingly. I try and pack my favorite snacks like Ritz Toasted Chips Beef Jerky and gum! By simply packing snacks and an empty water bottle in your carry-on, you’ll save some money and avoid wasteful spending. 


+ Fly on Thanksgiving or Black Friday – While flying on a holiday isn’t always ideal, it will save you some serious cash. So if you’re on a strict budget consider either flying in on Thanksgiving or flying out on Black Friday. Thanksgiving Travel Tips-7341

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+ Oversized Sweaters and Flats – Recently I’ve been obsessed with this Elba Sweater (runs large, size down) sweater. I love the oversized fit and tassel side details, simply pair it with Black Pants and  Leopard Shoes to create a sophisticated yet comfy travel style. 


+ Keep Your Documents Together – One trick I learned from my Dad, is to keep all your documents together. I recently purchased this passport holder, which holds not only my passport but also license, credit cards and plane ticket. By keeping all my documents in one place, helps relieve any anxiety I might have about losing them. 


Noise Canceling Headphones, Your New Best Friend – Whether you’re trying to work, sleep or watch a movie; a good pair of Noise Canceling Headphones is essential to keep you happy, focused and in the zone. Recently my very expensive headphones broke, and I just found a more affordable pair online that I’ve been loving.

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Anyway, I hope this post inspired you guys to prepare for your Thanksgiving Travel and get excited about the holiday to come! I can’t believe Thanksgiving Day is already next week, I’m honestly counting down the seconds and I’d love to hear where you guys are traveling to below. xx Aubrey  

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