Skincare Ritual for a Night In & Makeup Routine for a Night Out

February 14th, 2018
Location  •   New England


Valentine’s Day is officially here and whether you are spending the night in, like Matt and I or the night out, I’ve got your skin covered. I mean, after what’s seemed like a whirlwind of a month, Matt and I are really excited to spend Valentine’s Day cozied up on the couch. If I’m being really honest, I hope to use the night in as an excuse to binge-watching Big Little Lies, which I still can’t believe neither of us has seen yet. With Valentine’s Day falling in the middle of the week this year, our crew wanted to pull together a video that helped you efficiently hydrate your skin for a night in or quickly primp up your skin for a night out, either way, I’m sure it will be a Valentine’s Day to remember. 

Skincare Ritual For A Night In: 


Naturally, I’m going to use our Valentine’s Day night in as an opportunity to rope Matt into my nighttime skincare ritual. I have remarkably dry skin which is a curse during these dry winter months, so I focus heavily on a routine that both exfoliates and hydrates my skin. New England’s winter weather can be particularly harsh on the skin, with wind chills and blistering snow storms, a little extra TLC for the skin never hurt anyone. I usually start my skincare ritual around 7 PM and if I’m lucky, I’ll get Matt to exfoliate his skin with a facemask or two. My ritual is compiled from the following products: Cleansing ClothsCoconut Moisturizing Mud MaskEye SerumSPF Moisturizer  and Hydro Boost Eye Cream

Now, if I had a nickel for every time Matt called me up last minute saying he was on his way to pick me up, for an event mind you, he forgot to tell me about; well I’d be a very affluent person. When it comes to putting makeup on in a split second for a night out, I’m your girl, so let’s jump right into our skin routine for a night out! 

Makeup Routine for a Night Out:


 I’ve really had the same makeup routine since I’ve been in high school, just plus or minus a few brands. I start off by hydrating my skin, through a simplified skincare ritual of just: Cleansing ClothsSPF Moisturizer  and Hydro Boost Eye Cream. Next I jump right into the foundation, personally, I like a dewy makeup look, so I keep the foundation either light-weight or opt for a tinted moisturizer altogether. Now when it comes to eyeshadows, I’ve been using the same MAC pallet since high school, the warm tones and slightly shimmery shades really help to brighten and lighten my eyes. Overall I stay away from a smoky eye and even liquid liner, if I know I’m crunched on time for makeup; to forgo any potential setbacks. Finally, I top off the look with a rocking red lip for Valentine’s Day and call it a night. 

If I’ve learned one thing from dating Matt after all these years, it’s to be prepared for anything when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Whether you have plans for a night in or a night out, you never know what the night might bring, but somehow I know Matt and I will most likely end up at Friendly’s for a late night ice cream crawl. Okay, now it’s your turn! What are you guys doing this Valentine’s Day? Let me know in the comment section below. 

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