Reassuring Mondays

February 17th, 2014

Ok so it’s Monday & it’s the start of Midterm session. So many things are wrong with that last sentence, but it is what it is & it’s Monday. 

I sometimes am sitting in philosophy, religion & logic class thinking (to myself of course) how pointless is my life right now. I am defiantly a person that likes to complete tasks & do things hands on. Often when I am sitting in some of the most non-relevant classes I feel like my four years of college are never going to end (ever & I guess I am weird for wanting them to end).

I think your either a college person (work hard & party hard) or a driven person (work hard, see results & then do it again your way). I don’t think either person is better but for us peeps, that feel like college is given us a lack of purpose & a waste of time, I say start setting goals & dreams past the present.

While I am all for counting down till the weekend…I am also down for making a list & dreaming of the future. So on Mondays when I am sitting in philosophy @ 8:00 am, I liked to think of goals I want to set in my life (material & non-material).

So for Reassuring Monday I decided to reassure myself of one of my most popular goal; which is to one day move back to The East Coast & own a beach house.

Praise the Lord for Pinterest who constantly reassures my dreams with bomb pictures (like literally what a life).


Just look at this house it’s like a combination of a beach house & perfection! This house has enough balconies to be in a princess Disney movie.

So that house is pretty hard to beat but if your wondering, Aubrey what would the inside look like? Don’t you worry Pinterest supplied me with a numerous amount of options. Ideally my kitchen would look a little something like this:


Obviously I would maintain perfect bouquets of flowers weekly :)! I just think the sea-foam color is perfect for the beach.

Now for Beach House Location which include and are not limited too: Watch Hill, Groton, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket,The Hamptons & Cape Cod. The reasons for these locations are because of their charming towns! Just look:


{Perfection on Earth}


So charming = USA!