Polka Dots for Spring

March 19th, 2017

Polka Dots for Spring-19

Polka Dot Dress ( only $68.50!) || Schwinn Bike || Belt || Shoes || Lisi Lerch Earrings

Happy first day of Spring guys! This past weekend was extra warm here in Dallas, and I’m 100% not complaining. So Matt & I headed down to Dallas to do a little exploring in this warmer weather! 

One of my favorite places to visit is always SMU, a local Dallas college. I think I love the school so much because it kind of has that east coast feel, I also love riding my bike around campus, it’s great exercise and I hate riding my bike in high traffic areas, not to mention the campus has a Starbucks, so it’s a win-win! 

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Okay, to be completely frank, I hate wearing pants. I’m just not a go-to pants or shorts gal, I would say Monday – Friday no matter the weather, I’m usually in a skirt or dress. Sometimes you’ll find me in yoga pants, before or after my yoga class, but let’s be honest and say yoga pants are in their own ‘pants’ category. 

Since I love dresses so much, I’m always on the hunt for cute spring dresses under $100. So when I walked into J.Crew Factory last week and stumbled into this polka dot dress, I automatically purchased it, no questions asked!

Polka Dots for Spring-23

Polka Dots for Spring-13
Polka Dots for Spring-7

Come spring, you’ll constantly see me in dresses because to be honest pants are too uncomfortable with this Texas heat and don’t even get me started on those humid New England summers.

So this year I’m collecting staple dresses and skirts that I can wear for multiple occasions. Take this dress, so cute for riding around SMU but also totally appropriate for an interview, date night (wink, wink) or a work presentation.

Classic, cute and who wouldn’t want to wear polka dots in spring! I’d love to hear what dress brands are your favorite below :)! xx Aubrey

Polka Dots for Spring-34

Polka Dots for Spring-16
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