Panthera Print Dress

August 18th, 2015

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J.McLaughlin Dress || here. J.McLaughlin Denim Jacket || here. Henri Bendel Purse || here. Shoes (similar ones) || here. Sunglasses || here. Watch || here. 

Hey Guys,

Recently while walking through West Hartford CT I stumbled into J.McLaughlin and fell in love with this Dolly Shirtdress in Panthera. I think it’s a perfect mixture of classic & sexy style, making it a must have dress (especially in my closet).

As you guys know, I love wearing dresses, but I usually stay away from patterns in general (I know, I am super boring); but when Fall comes around I always switch up my style & wear neutral patterns.

No joke, the fall is the perfect time to wear neutral patterns (think grey, tan & navy based) & then just pop the outfit with a jacket. Wearing a neutral pattern creates a super chic & fashion forward outfit, like the one featured above!

The dress captures your attention while not being overbearing with color, which I LOVE!! So I decided to pop this Panthera Print Dress with a J.McLaughlin’s denim jacket, which is essential to have in your college wardrobe. I wear denim jackets with dresses, casual outfits and through all seasons, literally I always have a denim jacket on-hand.

Being bold and adding neutral patterns to your wardrobe really allows you to show off more of my personality & personal style. So my advice to you ladies today, is don’t be afraid of patterns, instead fill you fall closet with them & thank me later.

P.S: J.McLaughlin has kind of became my new obsessions, I see it as being neutrally preppy. Basically it is preppy without being overly in-your-face-big-logos-everywhere preppy’, does that make sense?  Anyways if you haven’t checked them out please do! I hope you all have a wonderful week. xx A! 

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