Online Shopping Addict.

Literally Obsessed with online shopping.

Many college students can relate to this online shopping thrill. Online shopping in college is used as a reward for good test grades, for getting through a test, & just for surviving another week. Not only is online shopping used as a reward system but it also results in a roller coaster of emotions:

Emotion Stages of Online Shopping

1st: You experience a high level of excitement; as you count down the days till you get a message from the mail center telling you to: “come pick up your package”.

2nd: You finally get to see your purchase & bask in all of its Bliss.

3rd: It’s a guilt-free way of shopping (somehow it is much easier to justify a $35.00 shirt online than in person). Yet you still get all the perks of enjoying your new purchase without feeling like you paid a arm & a leg for it. It is kind of like Christmas for college students; as I run to the mail center to see what is inside the package delivered by the UPS guy.



Well it’s not that exciting but it’s the closest college will ever come to Christmas.

4th: Almost all of my favorite stores include free shipping (you begin to feel super loyal to the brands that fuel your online addiction). Free shipping is perfect because, if you end up not liking your product (this rarely happens), you can return it and get all your money back (without losing money on shipping).

5th: Online sales are way better & make you feel thrifty! Some stores like Nordstrom & Anthropologie even have lines of clothes only sold online. Stores like J.Crew will even randomly take 35% off your online purchase, which includes full priced items in the store!

Recently I have been even more in love with online shopping due to unexpected perks! So here is my story:

I recently ordered a new pair of Lululemon shorts, & when it took them longer than expected to ship out my purchase,  Lululemon sent me a $35 dollar gift card!

So I turned around and bought another pair of the shorts for a steal at $19 plus my gift card (PS: I am literally in love with these shorts; so getting another pair was necessary!).

Literally, nothing brings more joy than online shopping (well outlet shopping may bet online shopping, but that’s another post altogether).

Stay Confident & Splurge,