New Year…New Cheer!

January 2nd, 2014

Hey Guys,

I am incredible happy to finally be able to re-launch Coastal Confidence (YAY!). I am officially restored after the craziest semester of my life. It was a rollercoaster that never stopped and I found myself with little to no time to sit down and take a break. As I was creeping slowly into a mental breakdown, the savior that is Winter Break invaded my life and I am finally restored to happiness, snow, and the love of my life that is the East Coast. So after a week of Netflix and Christmas cookies I am fully back to my usual spunky self.

HAPPY 2014!! I am so happy to write that; 2013 was a doozy for me and I have a good feeling about 2014 for us all. What better way to kick off the New Year then to face-life my shabby-chic word press blog.

I hope this year to be able to write to you about the things that keep me ticking. I broke my blog into three categories titled: Elegance, Inspirations, and Perspirations. All three of these words are important to me in unique ways.

Elegance: if you ever want to complement your GF, BFF, or MOM this is the best go to adjective. Just look at the definition: the quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance or manner. Aka perfection!

Inspirations: here I will include quotes, books, pictures, videos, anything and everything!! I hope this can be a page where any of my views can look to, if they feel like they need a CONFIDENCE BOOST (after all that’s what I am here for).


Perspiration: I do not mean workout perspiration, but you may find some health tips here anyways. One thing 2013 has taught me is that Life, Friends, Relationships, and The Future are things that aren’t always elegant and inspiring. Yet 2013 has taught me that if you want to be Happy you have to HUSTLE!! You want the job? Then you have to network yourself till you can’t talk. You want GREAT Friends? Then you have to turn off Netflix and put on your going out shoes (even if they hurt). You want Love? Then you have to love, be happy, and put yourself out there. 2013 showed me Life is about Perspiration and while it’s not always easy, in order to be happy and free of regrets, I had to HUSTLE! Or as Brittney says YOU GOTTA WORK B****! 

Stay Confident,