New England Prep Schools

March 11th, 2016

white button down

blue jeans

Cape || Shirt || Sunglasses || Jeans || Black Heels || Watch

The other day my mother & I were driving around Middlebury and stumbled upon Westover prepratory school. Let’s just say, it’s beyond beautiful. I was like ‘Hello…why didn’t my family send me here’. Just think Gossip Girl glam in CT #mydestiny. 

Anyways I made my mom stop and we snapped this casual attire. I’m all into the boyfriend chic look, so I’ve been living in button-down shirts & boyfriend jeans. I love the chill yet put together look. I honestly HATE looking over done so I naturally  gravitate towards neutral colors & this style. 

new england

new england style4

New England prep schools are literally my favorite. From Ms. Porter’s to Westover, the school featured below, there is something so charming & elegant about them all. Maybe it’s the history that theses schools carry but I love going to see them.

Honestly though, how pretty is their main building, it’s literally to die for! prep school

bench 1
black heels2

Sooooo I’ve been trying to read way more, I’ll be honest though I haven’t read much. I work the best when I’m inspired & I usually get inspired from other bloggers, my surroundings (New England) & music. However every other business-owner seems to be inspired by reading…so I’m giving it a try. Currently though, it just seems to put me to sleep. 

The only book that’s ever actually inspired me, business wise, was #GirlBoss! If you haven’t read it stop what you are doing and buy it. It’s funny & it was a super quick read. 

new england spring6

Final notes before I check out for the weekend:

  • Follow me on snapchat: aubreyrose740…I’m heading on Spring Break with Matt, so if you want to tag along, follow along! 
  • Comment below on what inspires you? Any books or music that I need to look into? I’m always looking for inspiration so let me know what inspires you. 
  • Finally it’s literally summer in New England so everyone get ready for some summer styles coming your way. 
    New England prep school

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