New England Dock Style

April 13th, 2016

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My grandparents own a beach house down in Niantic CT, so on Sunday my Mom and I took a ride down to showcase one of my favorite places, this dock.

I have a lot & I mean a lot of cousins, like 26 cousins.

Anyway when I was younger my cousins and I always drove down to my grandparents beach house, where we lined up on the dock & did some serious crabbing. 

Matt thinks I’m crazy because he doesn’t believe crabbing is a thing, but I swear it’s fun. So basically we had a stick, tied fishing wire to it & tied a clothes pin to the end. Then we just added some fishing bate and threw that sucker right into the river. 

Within minuets, usually, we had about 5 crabs on our hands. Don’t worry we put them all back into the river, but it was a fun way to kill time and chit chat. I had a lot of laughs and crab runaways on this dock, so I felt with summer approaching that I had to shoot here. 

Aubrey Yandow Form
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Oh Trenta Black Tea Lemonade (with two splendas & no syrup), how I love you. Basically I’m addicted and I’m not going to even pretend I’m not. Forget being basic over PSL, I’m addicted to that BTL (black tea lemonade). 

Summer equals BTL season for me, it honestly puts me in such a good mood that I think it’s totally worth the $3. 

& I felt like in order to give you my authentic New England dock style, there had to be a BTL in my hand. I always stop at Starbucks on the way to Niantic, usually just to use the bathroom, but once I walk in I can’t resist. 
trenta black tea

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It’s the little traditions like crabbing (which I swear is a thing) & BTL’s that makes summer such an memorable time. Do you guys have any summer traditions? Let me know below if you do. 

Also super excited to be launching a new mug tomorrow on la blog, so stay tuned for that! xx A. 

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Shirt || White Jeans || White Heels || Purse || Sunglasses || Watch (on sale!)

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  1. Roberta Beasley

    Wow, Aubrey! I love your site! My whole family is from Connecticut and your blog takes me back there. We are in Florida now but I will definitely follow you!! Great pictures!

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