New England Airport Style

November 20th, 2016


Coat (on sale!) || Turtleneck || Pants || Shoes || Travel Bag

It’s that time of year kiddos, time to travel home for Thanksgiving. Matt & I always joke that the airport is my true home, because somehow I’m always there, either picking up visitors, off to visit friends, or off to New England for business.

So by now, I’m feeling confident enough to call myself a travel pro and share the tips I’ve learned with you guys. My go to New England airport style is classic, and is made up of the following items: Black jeans, so when I or my fellow passenger spills hot coffee all over me, aka my dad, no one will know post spill. A cozy turtleneck, I love wearing them while traveling because airports are always super cold.



When traveling to New England I always bring a wool jacket. Not only is it essential to have a jacket in New England during this time of year, but you can also use it as a blanket on the plane.

I always recommend carrying on jackets and saving that valuable room in your luggage for essentials. Finally get a comfy pair of airport shoes, aka mules. I’m soooooo happy mules are back in, they remind me of sophisticated clogs, did anyone else have clogs when they were little? I’ve been loving these preppy mules, super affordable and they are really comfortable.

If I’m traveling for less than a week, then I forgo the luggage and bring a carry on duffle. I try to avoid paying for luggage so when I found this extra large carry-on I splurged. It fits the perfect amount of clothing and it holds its shape, which I believe is essential while traveling.  Not to mention the amount of compliments I get on this baby! So cute, right?

So when are you guys headed home? I’m actually writing this post from a plane, as I head home for Thanksgiving. Wishing you all safe travels & good luck navigating your way home.  xx Aubrey



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2 thoughts on “New England Airport Style

  1. Brenna

    Love that entire outfit girl! Especially the cream turtle neck with that tan coat! Fall heaven! Hope you have a wonderful week with family!

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