Mystic Pier

February 5th, 2016

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Shirt || Jeans || Purse (old, similar here) || Flats || Bracelet || Watch || Necklace

Happy Friday guys! Today I’m bundled up at home & trying to stay warm while the snow is piling up outside; and just a few days ago it was 50 degrees and I was walking around in a sweater (what is up with this weather!). Anyways, guys I’m in love with these new jeans. I loveeeee wearing them, they are my first pair of boyfriend jeans and I want to go back to Hope & Stetson and buy ten more. My favorite thing about these jeans is they don’t have a zipper, I know it sounds really weird, but instead of zippering up these bad boys you just buttons them up; which makes these jeans extra comfy (ahhh). 

You may not be able to notice, but the day we shoot these photos, it was a veryyy windy day. It was hard finding pictures that didn’t include my hair covering my face, I have about 100 hilarious hair fail bloopers, currently on my computer. Anyways let’s chat about Mystic, whenever I’m down there I love walking the Mystic piers; it is one of my favorite things to do during the summer especially when Matt is with me. Oh speaking of Matt did you all read his dating advice Q&A post from yesterday? It was pretty real and a little silly. Anyways I’m keeping this post short, because it’s Friday and we all have fun things to get too. Love you all xx A. 

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