July 25th, 2014


you can’t live with them & you can’t live without them!


Without a purse, life as a girl would be extremely difficult.

I don’t know how I do it, but I fit my whole life into a single bag!

Yet one purse really isn’t enough (& I am not just saying that)! You need a diversity of purses (totes, shoulder bags, crossbody bags & clutches), for different occasions!


Purses make traveling much easier & on long journeys, like the one I am on right now, calls for a tote! 

I am currently in route to Maine to visit my little sister at camp! I figured before packing I would share my top 2 purses for around the house & day trips. 

07.25pic707.25pic3This retro summer purse is made by Kate Spade & is awesome for long trips & shopping adventures!

I am kind of an over-packer so I always have some go to items in my purse. When I know I’ll be gone all day, I will 100% go with a tote! 

& some of the objects I would never leave behind with a tote are: my camera, a phone charger, a baseball hat, a makeup touch-up kit, sunglasses & headphones!

Besides being an expert packer, I sometimes don’t want to deal with the fuss & weight of a large tote. & when that is the cause I usually reach for a crossbody or clutch. 

Recently I have been really really really lazy & I have been opting for a crossbody purse!


Crossbody purses are PERFECT for summer! & my fav crossbody is 100% REBECCA MINKOFF! 

It basically only fits my wallet, keys, phone & sunglasses; but it is perfect for summer activities & an on the go lifestyle!

I am a purse hoarder (literally though) so I could go on & on about my love of purses, but for now I figured I would focus in on my summertime bag essentials! 

I’ll keep you posted on my crazy adventure in Northern Maine.

The tote is deff coming in handy during the long car ride, (9 hours ewwww)! 

PS: Deff check out the Nordstrom Sale, a ton of purses are on sale as we speak!