My Thursday Night Confidence

April 23rd, 2015


Shirt (old, similar one) || here. Boy Meets Girl Shorts || here. Purse || here. Shoes || here

Hey Guys,

Sometimes in college you just need to hit the town on a Thursday, or the couch, you can pick.

Let’s be honest a day-to-night look is sometimes hard to buy & pull off, especially on a budget. Basically when I want to go out on a date with Matt or a girl-date with my roommates, I hit up Nordstrom’s Junior Department.

Get the cutest looks at a affordable price (finally), & W.O.W the guy you have always wanted to talk to or the guy that you already have. 

Whatever makes you feel confident & stylish. u5e5ZchVdwKCHIz_Hn_MiqQjA72whwMw4hB6iuOGgvMjbAWnGTbN7cyReUs2fqBWx0Rm05dCtRZrK125cbE1-gBOY MEETS GIRLJack Rogers and Nights Out