Must Have Spring Dresses, Under $100

February 26th, 2018
Location  •   Baker Beach, California

Must-Have Spring Dresses, Under $100-6940

Matt and I had a dose of spring weather early this year, during our most recent trip to San Francisco. With temperatures in the mid to upper seventies, Matt and I took advantage of the unusually warm San Fran weather, by spending the afternoon taking in the Golden Gate Bridge, with our bums in the sand on Bakers Beach. Matt and I had some good karma on our side, because you never know what view you’ll get from Bakers Beach, due to the cities thick fog. But we felt extremely fortunate when we walked onto the beach and had both beautiful spring weather and completely blue skies, giving us an epic view of the Golden Gate Bridge. To be honest, I get chills every time I see this bridge, whether it’s in person or in a movie, there is something so beautiful about its entirety. 

I know what you guys were thinking when you read the title of this post, Aubrey spring is still around a month away, but New England weather has been extremely unpredictable lately and I figured let’s just throw spring thoughts out into the universe. New England has experienced both snow and warm peeks within the last week, that I figured it’s never too early to stock up on spring dresses. Oh, and don’t kid yourself I know a lot of you have fun trips coming up, in fact, a lot of you have DM’d me on Instagram saying you’re headed to SF soon too. So whether you’re heading out of town to warmer weather or taking advantage of every random warm weather day New England throws at us, we hope this guide will help you affordably stock up your closet with must-have spring dresses. Anyway, I can’t wait until the day where my closet is completely turned over for spring and summer, but for now, let’s just take it one dress at a time.  

Must-Have Spring Dresses, Under $100-6879
Must-Have Spring Dresses, Under $100-7026
Must-Have Spring Dresses, Under $100-6921
Must-Have Spring Dresses, Under $100-6875

Last year, I invested in a serious amount of midi-length dresses under $108, like this one and this one, that I knew it was about time to even out my closet with a few midi dress. I’m actually only 5′ 2″ so mini dresses usually fall right above the knee making this dress style perfect for day-to-night looks. So yesterday, when Tessa and I headed down to NYC for a meeting I decided to wear this floral mini wrap dress, which I had purchased from Hope & Stetson over the weekend, for just $98! Whilst down there, I decided to run into Free People and I instantly fell in love with this Audrey Hepburn inspired mini dress, the moment I saw it, and after reading the reviews I actually went as far as to purchase it in both colors.

Mini dresses seem to be everywhere this spring, so here are a few more I’ve been eyeing recently. This femme lightweight yellow number, this white A-Line dress perfect for a night in the city, and I saved my favorite for last this stone embroidered number. Again, I’m not super tall, to begin with, so all of these styles end up falling at the perfect length and aren’t too short on my body type. Ugh, just looking at these dresses hanging on my rolling rack make me giddy for an upcoming trip I have planned with my Mom, next week. To think that March is just around the corner makes me excited for what warmer weather will bring. 

Must-Have Spring Dresses, Under $100-6885
Must-Have Spring Dresses, Under $100-6790
Must-Have Spring Dresses, Under $100-7080
Must-Have Spring Dresses, Under $100-6893
Must-Have Spring Dresses, Under $100-7072

You know that saying, when you look good you feel good? Well, I think changing my closet over to spring will help clear my mind of those dark hues and winter style while making room for the epic New England spring and summer that lies ahead. I’m especially excited for this summer because I’m finally going to make it to Nantucket, I’ve actually never been before, can you believe that!? Anyway, I’ll keep you all posted and make sure to scroll through the widget below to discover even more must-have spring dresses, under $100. 

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