Move In Day Essentials!!

August 31st, 2014



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Let’s talk… about college move in day!! 

While moving into your dorm / apartment/ sorority house { or whatever housing situation you are in } can be one of the most exciting & fabulous moments of your college life.

However, it can also be one of the most stressful moments {blahh}. 

Literally moving in anywhere gives me huge anxiety…because I am “Forgettable Frank” over here. I am always pulling every item out of my purse until I realize I left my sunglasses in the car & my phone in the apartment. 

So when it comes to moving, (esp. from CT-CA), I am bound to forget stuff!

& this year I forgot all my socks, a pair of Lululemon shorts for work, & photos. { EKK. }

anyways…moving in is a high stress ordeal. So make sure you are prepped & ready to take on whatever challenges you could face…from Home Depot runs to building bookcases. 

With a little prep & a great move in team { thanks family } moving in can be a little less stressful & a little more rememberable

& trust me…a water bottle is a must have for Move In Days! 

Let me know if your college has moved in yet & your must have items!