Morning Moments

February 26th, 2016

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Daniel Wellington Watches: His & Hers (15% off @ checkout, use code THECOASTALCONFIDENCE) || Tweed Jacket || Jeans || Vineyard Vines Shirt 

Call me crazy but I’m obsessed with waking up, calling Matt 100x till he wakes up, and dragging us to breakfast. I love going out to eat (personal flaw), but I especially love going out for breakfast. Even if that means walking down the street, grabbing a fresh plate of donuts, a delicious latte & bringing breakfast back home. It’s those little morning moments that make everything perfect. 

In order to make any relationship (friend, boyfriend, family) work, you need to make time for each other. I think that’s why I love going out to eat so much, it’s a designated time when my phone is away, I’m not working and I get to share amazing food & stories with the people I love. 

Making time for reach other, is the key to a successful & happy day. I’m always 10 minutes early for everything, and that’s because my family is 20 minutes late for everything. So naturally I love to always be aware of the time and where I need to be, running late just stresses me out! 

So in order to stay on time Matt & I invested in these beautiful Daniel Wellington watches. I honestly couldn’t be happier with these watches, I’ve actually been eyeing DW’s watches for a long time and was just waiting till I cracked & purchased one.

I also snagged one for Matt & it’s all he talks about, literally. What can I say, he’s always getting me to see the silly side of life. I’m one to take things wayyyyy too seriously, but Matt is the guy that tells me to take a chill pill, eat a donut & enjoy our time together. & thus we go together like donuts & coffee, we’re always on the same team .

We love these watches so much that we decided to collaborate with Daniel Wellington to get all TCC readers 15% off! Use the code THECOASTALCONFIDENCE at checkout to get the discount. 

I hope you all make time for each other & those that make you happy! xx A. 

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