Making Friends After College

May 17th, 2017

Making Friends After College | The Coastal Confidence by Aubrey Yandow

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This week marks my 1st ‘post-college anniversary’, filling me with a mixture of feelings. I feel sooooo happy when I think about how far I’ve come, in just one year and excited to see where my blog takes me, but I’m also feeling slightly sad. It’s been just over a year, since seeing some of my closest college friends, being in San Diego and having the ‘cozy’ routine of ‘college’.

This year, more than ever, made me realize how important it is to foster and grow friendships; while also realizing how hard it is to make friends after college. Now, some of you might not encounter this issue, but moving to a new location and working from home, resulted in making new friends, for the first time in my life, a challenge.

After talking with my friend Jennifer, I realized this might be a more common struggle than I thought. I guess I just want to share my tips and tricks when it comes to meeting new friends in hopes to inspire you, to put yourself out there, after all the worse they can say is no.

Making Friends After College | The Coastal Confidence by Aubrey Yandow

Making Friends After College | The Coastal Confidence by Aubrey Yandow

Making Friends After College | The Coastal Confidence by Aubrey Yandow

Basically, I thought moving to a big city, like Dallas would make meeting new people so much easier, but let me tell you one secret I learned, making new friends takes effort and is all about putting yourself wayyyyy out there.

Working from home is great, but it was really hard for me to meet new friends in a new city because well, to be frank, I spend a lot of time at home. I do work with several gals, but most of our communication is via phone, email, facetime etc.

So when I found out Matt and I were moving to Dallas I reached out to about 18 bloggers, in hopes of making ‘work friends’ quickly.

However, people are busy and bloggers are constantly traveling so after coffee-dates fell through, availabilities didn’t match up and a lot of no responses; I kept putting in the energy in hopes of the universe working its magic. Making Friends After College | The Coastal Confidence by Aubrey Yandow

Making Friends After College | The Coastal Confidence by Aubrey Yandow
Making Friends After College | The Coastal Confidence by Aubrey Yandow


  1. It takes time – don’t rush friendship, it takes time to meet new people, get adjusted to your new home and probably your new job! So don’t be hard on yourself.
  2. Reach out and send a follow-up email – I am the queen of sending follow-up email after follow-up email, people are busy but don’t be afraid to reconnect with an old friend, business women you admire or gal you meet for five seconds at work.
  3. Be authentic and don’t be afraid to meet-up– meeting new friends can be just as awkward as a blind date, but guys it’s worth it. Be positive and just put yourself out there, whether it’s to network or literally make a friend, just being you is the best you can do. 

Okay, so after being in Dallas for now, almost ten months, I’ve met some amazing friends and have become really open to reaching out, meeting new people and just connecting. I’ve joined a yoga studio, got a part-time job, finally meet some amazing Dallas bloggers and connected with some of Matt’s work friends. 

If you are either worried about making friends after college or if you are feeling stuck while trying to make friends, just know it takes work and time!

Don’t get discouraged, especially when you’re in a new city! xx Aubrey

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12 thoughts on “Making Friends After College

  1. Devon

    This post speaks to me on so many levels. I just moved to Philadelphia, away from all of my friends and my boyfriend. I have my family, but it still feels a bit lonely when you want to do something, but have zero friends. Thank you so much for this post, it has given me hope that loneliness is temporary!

  2. Allie

    I just hit my 3 year post-gradiversary and I still so well can relate with this post! I work at an office where many of my co-workers are so much older than me so it’s hard to make that connection that was once so easy and came so naturally in college.
    I so admire you for putting yourself out there. Loved this post!


  3. Natalie

    My one year anniversary from graduating college was last week. It was so bittersweet. I find myself missing college so much. I’m so proud of graduating, yet I miss my old college routine. I agree, it can be difficult to make new friends in a new environment. I’m working on putting myself out there and following up with new friends. Thanks for sharing!
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  4. Taylor

    I can absolutely relate to this. After graduating college I immediately moved to a larger city. Very few of my friends lived in the area so I was forced to kind of start from scratch. Once out of school, making friends seems SO much harder! And in terms of making other friends in the blogging world that can be difficult as well. I am always happy to meet and connect with other bloggers so know that you are supported and not alone 🙂
    Thank you for sharing Aubrey

    Taylor |
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