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September 9th, 2015

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Lyon + Post Boutique Skirt || here

Hey Guys, 

Today, I’m sharing with you all one of my favorite finds! Ahh, okay if you are in college (like me) & don’t have a car (like me) but love online shopping (like me, obvi) then you have to check out Lyon & Post! Lyon & Post is an online boutique that has revolutionized online shopping by allowing customers (like me) to “try before they buy.

I don’t know about you guys, but I always get nervous about online shopping because so many things can go wrong. For example the size might not fit, the color might be too orange and not enough red & the material might be scratchy. So Lyon & Post is saving my little online shopping life, by allow me to see, touch, and try on clothes before actually purchasing them. 

Long story short, you pick out an item, it gets shipped to your house, apartment, dorm room (etc.) you have 7 days to try it on. Then you can either decide to buy it or mail it back in an included return bag and postage. Totally free & totally a lifesaver

I like to think of The Coastal Confidence as a place where I can share my steals & fashion obsessions & Lyon & Post is exactly that. Take a study break, lunch break or just a Netflix break & check out this company. 

Let me know your thoughts below! xx A.