Let’s Talk Work Attire

November 14th, 2016


Shirt || Pants || Purse || Heels | Scarf (ON SALE!) 

The other day I was getting ready to step out for a meeting, when I realized work attire is something I’ve begun to dread. Now since I work mostly from coffee shops, my TCC warehouse or home; I’m often working in non-work attire. My everyday outfit is usually jeans, a classic tee, a large cozy sweater and if I’m working from home Matt’s Uggs (they are literally so comfy).

So when I slipped on a pair of black heels the other day and headed out for a meeting, I literally almost fell over. I’ve never been great at walking in heels but since I hadn’t worn a pair in about two months, I was wobbly to say the least. Work attire can be tricky and I often end up feeling either under dressed or not me, so let’s chat work attire.


I’m a dress & skirt gal, but when it comes to meetings I always wear pants and a chic blouse. In my closet I have three to four, go-to blouses for meetings. Think of Lisa Vanderpump & all of her chic silk shirts, a good blouse paired with the right pants, gives you a strong and stern appearance, which I love.

Finally finish off the look with accessories. Find a pair of heels, a classic briefcase and for cooler mornings a wool scarf. Scarves and purses are a great way to add color and texture to your outfit. Add some fun texture to your work attire with wool scarfs and velvet pumps. Velvet is all the rage this holiday season & I’m so happy about it.

Now that I’ve shared my go to work attire with you all, tell me what you go for below! xx Aubrey



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2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Work Attire

  1. Brenna

    Love that scarf, such a beautiful fall and winter color. Those pointed toe black heels are always my go to for work attire. I am a dress kind of girl because a dress is usually easier but I’m a sucker for patterned pants.

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