It’s Cold Outside

December 23rd, 2014

cozy winter sweaters

Black Shirt || here. Cardigan On SALE! || here. Jeans || here. Camp Socks || here. Shoes (old, but similar pair)  || here. Watch || here

Oh baby, is it cold outside. I always somehow forget how cold it gets here in New England when I am in San Diego. For some reason I think I can handle it but I am actually freezing. I don’t know how anyone takes pictures outside in this cold, but I did anyways. It’s worth it though, because I love being home and escaping to some hot coffee and warm blankets. 

T-mins 1 day till Christmas Eve. Ahhh, I am so sad the Christmas season is almost over. I love love love all of the decorations and music, so I will probably be personally extending my Christmas season into January. I know for a fact, that I am not the only one that loves the Christmas music and scents. I always grab all things Christmas before it disappears, so I stocked up on my favorite Bath & Body Workshop Candles (STILL ON SALE) & these little numbers never go on sale. So I bought them all. 

Anyways I’ll be playing my favorite Christmas song, Merry Christmas Darling, on repeat till Christmas. & will enjoy every minute of it! Happy Winter & Stay Warm. heels for winterchristmas earringscozy jeans and camp fire sockschristmas j.crew heels