It’s 2017…Invest In Yourself & Grab a Latte

January 1st, 2017


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Happy 2017 guys! I promised you all last week, that I’d be breaking down my top three New Year’s Resolutions with you all, so I’m starting with numero uno; investing in yourself & grabbing a latte! 

Okay now this goal was inspired by the awesome Nicole Lapin, if you don’t know her check out her book here! In her book, which is one of my favorites, she chats about getting a hold of your ideal lifestyle by taking charge of your money! 

Okay, so in 2016 I graduated college, started blogging full time & moved out of my parents house and in with Matthew; which resulted in me going from having a laid back financial situation, to having to pay bills (ew), to pay rent and manage money for The Coastal Confidence brand (which is a doozy). 

Basically 2016 resulted in a lot of number crunching which resulted in figuring out how to cut cost (I cringe at even typing that,).

Now, money isn’t something I typically stress about, but when you start crunching numbers and looking at long term goals, you start to convince yourself to cut out what I like to call ‘sanity-spending’.invest-in-yoursel


So basically, I started cutting out ‘sanity-spending’, and by that I mean I started cutting out grabbing a latte, getting my nails done, eating out with friends, traveling and going to the movies.

By sitting in front of a computer all day, I basically convinced myself that numbers were king, and that activities that brought me sanity and joy were better off in the bank; after all getting a $5 latte everyday could result in me saving over $1,825 a year!

So I was cutting out everything fun in my life, until I read Nicole Lapin’s book & realized I was all wrong! 

Investing in yourself is just as important as paying bills & building your brand’s financial structure. Basically if a $5 latte makes you happy and more productive throughout the day, then BUY IT! invest-in-yourself-the-coastal-confidence-7


So for 2017, I’m changing my financial mindset from ‘deprivation to aspiration!’ It’s important to invest in yourself and set yourself up to win!

If you spend all day cutting costs, stripping yourself of sanity spending and crunching numbers, you’re more likely to get bogged down by petty stuff. So spend the extra $5, get in your car, grab a huge latte and take on the day with all you have! 

Invest in yourself and you are sure to see a return on investment, when it comes to accomplishing your goals, getting those to-do lists checked off & not sweating the small stuff.

You guys, I promise this works! I really took this practice of investing in myself seriously the last three months of 2016, and I saw an instant improvement in both work and home life. Anyway, what are some of your New Year’s Resolutions!?  Let me know below xx A

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2 thoughts on “It’s 2017…Invest In Yourself & Grab a Latte

  1. JeanMarie Morrison

    I just wanted to alert you that there is a typo in your site, at the bottom, it says give us your email, the Coastal Confifence. I don’t think you did that on purpose.. Had to go through a bunch of bells and whisltes just to tell you about a typo.

    Also, what have you done with all Graphique’s GREAT PENS? They are all “perky” and for school children now. I’m bummed I have to search elsewhere to give my [not inconsiderable] business for fine writing instruments — I spent quite a bit on Graphique pens per year. Quelle Dommage…

  2. Sheel

    This is the best way to look at finances! I’ll definitely have to read Nicole’s book, I’m trying to get my finances in order but can’t seem to figure out where to start. This sounds like the perfect guide!

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