Ice Skating in Bushnell Park

November 30th, 2016


Fringed Sweater (currently 30% off) || Ice Skates || Black Jeans || Booties || Headband

Ice skating is one of those funny holiday activities. I personally stink at ice skating, yes I’m one of those adults that’s holding onto the rim of the skating rink, while refusing to let go. Within a good hour I’m usually slowly make it around the rink, with limited rim holding, while yelling at Matt to stop making me laugh, for fear of falling over.

Don’t ask me why, but ice skating is a New England holiday tradition that I always uphold, even if it ends poorly. Once in high school Matt & I headed to NYC to ice skate at the mother of all rinks, Rockefeller. After waiting three hours in line we finally get onto the rink. It seems cool right? Well silly me didn’t prepare, not only did I rent the wrong size skate BUT I forgot that a thousand judgmental New Yorkers would be watching me, let’s all agree that New Yorkers are the judgiest. Real Housewives of NYC case & point (fyi Bethany is my favorite).


Anyway, I basically skated one inch per hour, and ended up with horrible blisters. Yet, year after year, I always go back. It’s one of those holiday traditions that you need to uphold. Kind of like having fireworks on the Fourth of July, in New England you need to ice skate.

Oh & did I mention it makes the cutest Instagram pictures, scrolling through my feed right now and seeing some ice skating images that I can’t help but double tap. Anyway I’m warming up my skates for Mr. Matt Craig, and let’s hope this year goes better.

Either way it always ends with hot cocoa which is a win.

Oh & for my ice skating attire I went casual since this was not my official ice skate with Matt, I wore black jeans (my winter staple) & this Free People sweater currently on sale. I love it soooooooo much that I actually bought another sweater in green (oops).

Anyway let me know below if you have any special holiday traditions that you can’t help but uphold. xx Aubreyice-skating-in-bushnell-park-the-coastal-confidence-8


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4 thoughts on “Ice Skating in Bushnell Park

  1. Brenna McCann

    Seriously I watched Ice Princess on repeat forever! I also used to watch it then spray pledge on our hardwood floors and act like I was skating because I wanted to be an ice skater! LOL AT ME!! But I love that sweater and headband, actually the whole outfit and the photos. Christmas time is my favorite and I’m obsessed with it! Also, love the photos that you changed on the home page!

    xoxo, Bren

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