Holiday Tweed in New England

December 8th, 2016


Tweed Shift Dress (on sale!) || Ornament Clutch (on sale!) || Gold Bracelet || White Heels

Let’s be honest, Christmas is a time for classics.

It’s a time for holiday films, freshly cut Christmas trees and holiday styles that stand the test of time. So when it comes to dressing for the holidays, I keep it classic in tweed (obviously). & what’s more classic than tweed?! 

So year after year you’ll usually find me in one of my classic holiday tweed dresses, like this Tory Burch one  (currently on sale too); because nothing says Christmas in Connecticut like a classic tweed dress.

Tweed just screams Jackie O vibes to me, so you can just imagine the amount of tweed I have stocked in my closet. (sooooo much tweed). Oh & did I mention, I‘m a sucker for a good sale, so I couldn’t resist adding the tweed dress below to my holiday lineup. Sales, they get me every time. 


Ugh Christmas has been giving me all the feels lately, can anyone else relate?! Matt & I have had soooo much fun decorating our first apartment together, we even purchased a real Christmas tree.

This year Matt & I decided to buy each other perfume/cologne , I read in a magazine somewhere that fragrances is a memory trigger and it’s fun to have different ‘fragrances‘ for different parts of your life.

Okay, so in high school I wore Viva La Juicy (basic, I know) in college I wore a mixture of Daisy by Marc Jacobs  & Trader Joe’s Coconut Lotion (broke college kids) so now that Matt & I are in Dallas, we wanted new scents to remember our time here.

I still to this day get transported back to high school date nights with Matt, as soon as I spritz Viva La Juicy . & yes I did own a Juicy track suit in high school, and yes I did wear it in public. 

Anyway, do you guys want me to post my holiday gift guide? Or are you all just over holiday shopping? Let me know below, & happy Friday kiddos. xx Aubrey 



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  1. Brenna

    Love that sweet dress!!! Also that clutch ???????????? !!!! But yes do a holiday gift guide!!!! Enjoy your tree !!!

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